Email her now; you won’t be disappointed.

Liz was recommended to us by a large Facebook group that repeatedly named her as the best.  She’s what you expect: super responsive – many late night/weekend texts and calls with her since our business hours were unavailable; proactive on everything – she’s one step ahead (or five) than everyone else; available always (including, sadly for her, on her vacations); and immensely easy to talk to.  Here’s what I think set her apart for us.  1) She’s calm.  In every negotiation, there are hiccups.  It’s critical to have one calm party that can help you focus objectively.  2)  She’s direct.  She always stated the facts (apart from the noise), presented the key decisions we needed to make, and gave us her recommendations.  On long days after work, it was critical for us to have her boil things down so we could make quick decisions and move on.  3) She micro-manages (if you ask her to).  There are a ton of little things that need to happen and she made sure we never forgot to finish something.  4) She’s connected.  She has a network of lenders, title companies, handymen, contractors, etc., and she’ll call them and in many ways do your work for you.  5) She defends her clients.  There were a few times when we were being thrown under the bus in the negotiations.  You would have thought Liz was the one being disadvantaged based on her reactions.  It was awesome.  We’re immensely grateful that she was there to hold our hands during the process and would recommend her without any reservations.  Email her now; you won’t be disappointed.