Liz KNOWS Arlington…she is a specialist in the Arlington market

It’s hard to know where to start in our praise for Liz’s work as our real estate agent.  We are returning to Arlington from overseas and bought our house sight-unseen.  As a result, we needed an agent who we trusted completely.  Liz fit the bill.

First, Liz, KNOWS Arlington.  She is a specialist
in the Arlington market and her in-depth knowledge helped set reasonable expectations on our part and enables her to negotiate from a position of strength.  With respect to the buying process, Liz is extraordinarily detail-oriented and responsive.  Her negotiation skills are also very savvy.  She has a strong sense of what is achievable in each transaction and uses that to the buyer’s advantage.  (Her knowledge of the quirks of local housing stock saved us more than $3,000 in repair costs.)

She is personable and pleasant to work with.  We cannot recommend her highly enough.