Liz Lord is godsend!

Liz Lord is godsend! After hearing from so many friends about the challenges navigating the real estate market (Falls Church City) that we were interested in, we could not have found a better agent. Liz knows the market inside and out, and was able to break it down so we knew what we were getting into and how we would have the best results in landing the right home. We initially started working with her over a year ago, when we were still working/living abroad, and she kept us updated on the latest properties that came up, market trends, etc. She recommended a few really talented financing companies that also proved crucial in the overall process, as it really is team work to seal the deal. She was patient, thorough, resourceful, incredibly responsive, and a true professional in every way. As a matter of fact, in a crucial period of our search, she faced a personal challenge and she was still responsive and on her game, 24/7. She went above and beyond her job, ticking every box, e.g., doing her own home inspection, asking the right questions to the seller, verifying flood zones, checking ages of appliances, roofs, etc. She was frank and honest when she thought the house wasn’t a good fit and explained her logic. She ensured we didn’t bid too high, while in the end helping us develop a fair and reasonable offer that was ultimately successful in an extremely complex market. Most impressive in all of this was that she did it all in the middle of a global pandemic! I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone that needs a fair, honest, knowledgeable, and incredibly good real estate agent in Northern VA.