Liz showed us that nothing is impossible

Liz is such a blessing for us. It wasn’t easy for us to find our perfect home with our special needs and limited budget. Yet, Liz showed us that nothing is impossible. She’s very professional, patient, an expert and never rush us with any decision making. Her love & passion with real estate plus her level of expertise will make you appreciate the value of what she does and how it just makes her sincerely happy to be able help. She also doesn’t hold back if things look so tricky and is always protective of us and addresses things straight forward. Will not even think twice if we needed to back out on bad terms that will hurt us and if we are not treated properly & respected by the other party. Which sadly happened and we’re so glad Liz is with us. As a first time buyer, we were so clueless & naive. She made sure we understood all of the process and what to expect. Explain and answers all our questions in detail and went above and beyond in researching things that concerned us & we might need in starting a new chapter of our lives. The level of peace of mind having Liz helping us was incomparable and made this whole experience exciting & wonderful.