Our suggestion—stop searching, stop comparing agents, and reach out to her today.

We consider ourselves grateful to have just recently purchased our first home—expertly and thoughtfully guided by Liz Lord. Under normal circumstances, learning the ropes as a first-time homebuyer in the insanely competitive and fast paced Northern Virginia market is daunting. Even more so given the nationwide insanity that ensued in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But Liz remained unflinching. As buyers living overseas who bought our home sight unseen, we knew from our first encounter with Liz that we had made the right choice for an Agent. As we moved forward in our journey, Liz took the time to listen to, internalize, and appreciate our family circumstances and homebuying goals. She made recommendations for highly professional and responsive Mortgage Lenders, and we ended up using one of these colleagues to finance our home loan. (This is in addition to the many other experts with whom she has experience and connected us to—including a Home Inspector, Redesign Firm for estimates on repairs, etc.).

Being that we are currently based in Southeast Asia, she also went above and beyond to be super communicative. Given the time zone difference, she made countless videos of interested homes that she toured on our behalf, and because she knows the Northern VA market so well, was able to share information with us on comparable recent home sales in the area and suggested offer terms almost immediately.

There were so many times throughout this experience we were grateful to have Liz’s unmatched skills as a calm, resolute, and experienced negotiator. Even as we put in offer, after offer, after offer—Liz’s never once focused on the significant time she spent considering and researching these homes, but always had a reassuring and optimistic attitude of “onward!”

But what we love and appreciate most about Liz is that she is personable, grounded, and thoroughly human. She does not need to sling around jargon to demonstrate her brilliance or interject highly convoluted concepts just because. She understands real estate and the homebuying and selling process inside and out and she wants to make sure that you do too.

Every experience is a teaching moment. Every disappointment a chance to dust off and restrategize. We do not know what your needs might be, but we can say with certainty that Liz Lord will help you realize those goals. Our suggestion—stop searching, stop comparing agents, and reach out to her today. It will be a decision that you will immediately and continuously know was right. Onward!”