You could not find a more dedicated real estate advocate

Liz Lord is an incredible asset for anyone thinking about pursuing a real estate transaction.  She is incredibly knowledgeable, savvy, smart and resourceful.  She is furthermore always responsive.  We dipped our toe in the local real estate market for over three years before we committed to buying a home.  During this time, Liz Lord patiently and cheerfully provided us with background material, research, and insights into various markets that fit our needs.  We switched our focus covering different types of homes during this period; Liz was with us every step of the way.  She never suggested we settle for less than what we really wanted.  She was expert at helping us figure that part out, too.  In fact, in the end, she found us a better prospective listing than any we had seen before, and we jumped on it, much to our satisfaction.  When it came to financing our purchase, she provided us with a list of highly qualified professionals and helped us navigate that process, as well.  Universally, other real estate and financial professionals we consulted gave her their highest marks.  You could not find a more dedicated real estate advocate.  She will be with you through thick and thin.